The Bachelor - Episode 10



I hope you brought snacks to the 'three-hour Bachelor event' tonight...

We head back to Finland to see Nick leave the Fantasy Suite and Raven. Did she have an orgasm, we're all (not) dying to know. "I'm very satisfied today." Is that a yes, Raven? I guess so since she then proceeds to dance and frolic all by herself through the snow. Is this a rom-com or a reality show? That sound you hear is every member of Bachelor Nation awkwardly giggling.

We move on to Rachel. "This week is super important." No it's not, Rachel! We know you don't win!

Aside from this being totally irrelevant, Rachel looks super adorable and I really like her hat. I can't wait for her to be the Bachelorette. Honestly, I wish we could just jump to that season now. Are there any viewers who are watching this date? I was behind on my DVR so I fast-forwarded through it...I refuse to recap this. I apologize for my laziness.

Anyway, last but not least, it's time for Vanessa's final date with Nick. "I love it here!" She exclaims has she jumps into Nick's arms. Not the first phrase I'd think of when forced to go on an outdoor date in a freezing environment. 

Nick then nominates Vanessa for the ice bucket challenge. They put on high school swim team bathing suits and hop into an ice bath. After a few seconds, they make out in a sauna. Was this date approved by a doctor? It seems really intense.

Finally, they settle in to a hot tub. Nick talks about how he isn't as traditional as Vanessa's family, and that worries him. Basically, Nick hates when he has to deal with in-laws. Does Nick really have a problem with the family dinner every Sunday? Would you rather go back to Paradise, Nick? Get over it. 

At night, they cuddle up by the fire with every faux fur rug from Pottery Barn. They have a really awkward conversation about where they'd live. Nick doesn't want to live in Canada because he's proud to be an American. I can only guess this was filmed before the election. 

Vanessa loves him anyway, and they kiss. Of course, Nick gives her the date card for the Fantasy Suite. She accepts. Very lucky week for Nick. 

Finally, we head to the final rose ceremony. Chris Harrison welcomes our final 3 and lets them wait for Nick inside this time, instead of on a freezing roof like last week. 

Nick gets one final cry in before picking up the first rose. It goes to Raven. I think Nick already knew Rachel was Bachelorette material, because I'm really surprised he would choose Raven over Rachel. Anyone else?

Of course, Vanessa gets the second rose. We say goodbye to Rachel, but just for now, we'll see her again on Monday nights in May. 

Ah, I was wrong, Nick gets ANOTHER cry in this episode. Rachel joins him with a classic mascara-tinted tear as they say goodbye to each other. 

And then there were two.

That's a wrap! Hope everyone enjoys the Women Tell All. I'll see you next week for our final recap!