The Bachelor - Episode 6



Hello, friends! 

We're back for another week of mayhem.* (*edit - this actually was one of the worst episodes ever.)

We kick off the night recapping the Taylor v. Corinne showdown. As the rest of the girls in the house analyze what is happening on the two-on-one, a producer comes in to take Taylor's suitcase. The girls gasp, but we all know from last week that Taylor is not going down without a fight. 

As Corinne and Nick enjoy a dinner of candles (yum?), Taylor barges in. Not really to win over Nick, but more so to make sure Nick also dumps Corinne. As annoying at Taylor is here, she has some valid points. We all know Corinne isn't here to get married...but shows need ratings and we still have too many weeks left to send the Vill home so early. 

After Taylor goes home for the second time, we throw on some sequins and lace and head to the cocktail party. 

Before everyone can get a second drink, party-pooper Chris comes in to say that we're just going straight to the rose ceremony. Half the girls cry. Every time a cocktail party is cancelled, a fairy loses its wings. 

The roses are distributed and we say goodbye to Josephine, Jamie, and the dolphin/shark girl. Don't worry ladies, there's always Paradise. 

Nick pulls aside the remaining ladies and lets them know they're heading to St. Thomas! As I'm sitting in my cold apartment wrapped in a faux fur throw blanket. I should really rethink my life. 

The first one on one date goes to Kristina. They take a plane ride around the island and have a drink picnic. Because we don't eat on the Bachelor. We learn that Kristina is adopted, and has one biological sister back in Russia. Nick is intrigued. We learn more about Kristina's really sad past. She gets a rose. 

Back at the house, the girls awkwardly sit around the resort. We meet Lorna, the housekeeper, and naturally Corinne puts her right to work. We also get our next date card, which leaves out two names - Whitney and Danielle. Another two-on-one so soon?! Yassss. 

First things first, though, the group date girls hit the beach for some fun in the sun. Nick makes the girls play volleyball, but they quickly get fed up with it. Everyone heads to the beach to cry and contemplate why they're on the show to begin with. 

We get to the dinner part of the date, and Nick is forced to do some damage control. This season of the Bachelor is basically just proving why Nick is single. Maybe this dating format isn't working for you for a reason, Mr. Viall!!! 

Jasmine is the next contestant to snap, freaking out to all of the girls about how she hasn't had any one on one time with Nick. Finally she sits down with Nick and girl has LOST IT. I can't even watch...I feel so uncomfortable. Luckily, we don't have to deal with this for too much longer because Nick sends her home immediately following their conversation. 

Nick switches over to his two-on-one with Whitney and Danielle. This is literally the fastest date ever. Whitney is sent packing. Danielle goes to dinner alone with Nick, and things do not feel as good as they did on their last date. As Nick sweats profusely, he sends Danielle home as well. 

Nick heads back to the hotel and surprises the rest of the girls by joining them on the couch and crying. He tells them he doesn't know if this is working out...and leaves...

The episode ends with everyone being thoroughly depressed, me included. And it's only Monday. 

Till next time...


Samantha Schatz