The Bachelor - Episode 9



And we're back! 

We pick up where we left off last week (because every episode is To Be Continued...) with Andi barging into Nick's hotel room. Is she giving him advice? Does she miss hooking up with him? Hard to say. 

On the bright side, we quickly get a glimpse of the upcoming rose ceremony. FINALLY, A ROSE CEREMONY! The girls finally get to dress up and freeze to death outside in hopes of making the final three and going to the fantasy suites. 

Before that, we check back in with Nick and Andi. He's shares that he's anxious about being the Bachelor. Well..maybe don't be the Bachelor then, Nick? Andi asks if Nick plans to bone anyone in the fantasy suite. This is so awkward and weird. After Andi leaves,  Nick heads to the rose ceremony. 

Time for only like the second rose ceremony this season. The first rose goes to Raven. Still really surprised about her, honestly. The next rose goes to Rachel, which is a waste to me because we already know she doesn't win. 

We're down to Corinne and Vanessa. I actually get nervous for a second, but Vanessa gets the rose. Corinne starts bawling. You had a great run for a villain, Corinne. You should be proud. 

Side note - does anyone think about how the limo drivers feel when they drive home the losers? I wonder what it's like to drive around crying girls all the time. But I guess I can just ask my next Uber. 

Next up - we're going to Finland! Our first final date goes to Raven. They kick it off with a helicopter ride, naturally. Honestly the only dates on this show are helicopter rides, boat rides, and slow dancing at concerts. 

At night, they had to a local pub and play some darts. Raven confesses to us that she's nervous about fantasy suites because she's only had sex with one person. Uh okay. 

Later, Nick gives Raven the fantasy suite date card. She accepts, and lets Nick know that she's only been with one other guy. She also shares that she's never had an orgasm. Way to put pressure on him, Raven. 

This was awkward and boring. And of course, it's to be continued. 

We shall see what happens next week with the rest of this episode AND The Women Tell All next week, when ABC holds us hostage at our TVs for 3 hours.






Samantha Schatz