The Bachelor - Episode 8

Drew Cason/ABC

Drew Cason/ABC

*I apologize for the serious delay in this post. Also for the lack of enthusiasm in this recap. This episode was crap. I can only hope something dramatic happens in the next few weeks.*

Welcome to hometown week...finally.

But first, we pick up where we left in the Bahamas, with our four remaining contestants stressing over what's going to happen next. 

Nick joins the ladies with four roses in his hand and awkwardly gives them each a rose on the couch. Why can't Nick just have ONE actual rose ceremony?!? You're messing everything up!! 

Finally though, it's time to meet some families. 

We start the night with Raven. They spend the day riding ATVs in the mud and it's gross. They also roll around in a swamp and make out. This is weird. 

The two eventually showed and go to meet Raven's family. They're kind of boring. We find out Raven's dad is cancer-free, which is so exciting, but Nick kind of ruins this lovely family moment by being there and awkwardly clapping. 

The rest of this date is boring. Nick and Raven really don't have any chemistry. Sorry, Raven.

Moving on...

Our next visit is Rachel. They could have cut this entire date out because, now that we know Rachel doesn't win, is there really any point!?

Nick takes his awkward white self to meet Rachel's family. I really like them, which is great, because we will be seeing more of them when Rachel is our Bachelorette. 

Going to breeze past the rest of this visit because we know they don't end up together, unfortunately. 

Next, we go to Miami. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Corinne wins this season. Because nothing has been normal about this installment of the Bachelor. 

Corinne takes Nick shopping where she buys him expensive clothes on Daddy's credit card. (Insert eye roll) Later, she tells Nick she LOVES HIM. 

She takes Nick home where he finally meets the infamous Raquel and is judged for not loving the Greek food he is served. I don't like olives either, Nick. 

Corinne's dad is kind of a douche but warms up to Nick while they drink a bunch of alcohol. 


Our longest hometown visit is Vanessa's. They split their visit into two - a lunch with her mom's family and an awkward sit-down with her dad and step-mom. At her mom's, some bad energy is brewing after Nick admits they haven't discussed where they'd live if they ended up together. Uh oh...

The most awkward moment comes when Nick and Vanessa's dad sit down to chat. Nick asks if, it were to come to it, would Vanessa's dad give his blessing for the two of them to be married. Her dad clearly has no tolerance for bullshit and calls Nick out for asking this of three other families this week. I mean, he's right. 

Vanessa gets upset over this (because maybe she forgot she's on a dating show?) and is unsure about their future as he leaves. 

Nick has a lot to think about. But not before he gets a knock at his door...from ANDI. 

*dun dun dunnnn*

Once again, NO ROSE CEREMONY. See you next week.