It's just a bunch of hocus pocus...


I live for Halloween. Despite the fact that I'm normally a huge baby (sometimes I'm a little afraid of the dark and I would need serious therapy to get through a haunted house), I love the feeling of this month and holiday.

I'm sure a lot of it has to do with nostalgia. I love reliving memories of trick or treating and comparing costumes with friends at school. As I grew older and stopped begging strangers for candy, I kind of fell out of the Halloween traditions. But once I got to college, and there were guaranteed opportunities to dress up every Halloweekend, I truly embraced my love of the holiday. I just love looking around a party or bar and seeing adults acting so silly. Everyone's guard is down when they're in costume, you can truly just let loose and have a good time. 

So, because it's a chilly fall Friday the 13th, I decided it's the perfect time to share some of my favorite Halloween costumes from the past few years. Check out the carousel below and read on to see how I DIYed each costume!

Black Swan
I actually loved this costume so much that I wore it again the next year! The top is a halter bodysuit from American Apparel. I bought these amazing black feathers from Amazon and used hot glue to attach them to the bodysuit. I went to JoAnn fabrics and found some multi-sized silver gems to give it a little sparkle. My mom made the tutu for me using tulle and ribbon. Here's a tutorial that I think achieves the same effect! I finished the look with a pair of white tights and black flats, a cheap tiara from the Halloween store, and I YouTube/Pinterest searched a handful of makeup tutorials! The key to the makeup was definitely to PRACTICE. I did it a couple of times leading up to Halloween, and it made all the difference.

Casey from Scream
My favorite horror film of all time is Scream. I love that it's a mix of scares and laughs, and honestly it's so terrifying because it's a classic slasher film that could totally happen! 2016 marked 20 years since the movie was released, and I've always loved the opening scene featuring Drew Barrymore. To create the costume, I found the neutral ribbed v-neck sweater at Target, the wig and blood at Spirit Halloween, and the phone on Etsy! So...what's your favorite scary movie?

Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage
I grew up watching my brother and dad watch professional wrestling on TV. I've even secretly gotten into it, it's totally ridiculous and silly but can be pretty entertaining! While my boyfriend and I don't usually do couples costumes, we fell in love with this idea. I found the hulk bandanna and tshirt online, the tight spandex shorts on Amazon, the boa at a party store, and the socks at a sporting goods store. My boyfriend Dillon found zebra joggers at H&M, a Randy Savage tee online, and we found this amazing gold trench at a flea market! We used neon duck tape and fabric paint to personalize it. Of course, to finish off the look he carried around Slim Jims. 

Chiquita Banana
This was my first major DIY costume 5 years ago and I'm still pretty proud of it. The most difficult part of this was the headpiece. The outfit, however, was super simple. I found the skirt at a thrift store and the bralette was something I already had in a drawer. For the headpiece, I bought a cheap scarf and some fake fruit from the craft store. This is where it gets creative....I used a large fake pumpkin we had as decor in my apartment at the time, and used that as a base so I could easily add the fruit to the scarf. I tied the scarf on the pumpkin, like I would on my head, and started hot-gluing the fruit on. Fun fact - I took that headpiece with me when I moved and the fruit stayed attached!

Alex from a Clockwork Orange
Not a horror film, but still kind of creepy, any Clockwork Orange costume is perfect for movie lovers. It's also super cheap and easy! I got the suspenders and hat from Spirit Halloween, and the white shirt was one I already owned. The pants were tricky, but these are actually little boys baseball pants from Modell's! I finished the look with combat boots and fake lashes on one eye. Boom - you're ready for some ultraviolence.


As for this year, I'm going as a scary babe from a classic 70s horror film...take a guess in the comments! Stay tuned to @thewritelook on Insta, I'll reveal the costume later this month!

Happy haunting!
xx Sam 







Samantha Schatz